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2'11" X 9' 6" Vintage Turkish Anatolian Rug

2'11in X 9' 6in Vintage Turkish Anatolian Rug
Width 2.9 ft. Length 9.5 ft.

This area rug from Arhaus has rug dimensions with width: 2.9 feet and length: 9.5 feet. It's item number, or sku is: 33100MY33.

Crafted in lands once dominated by the Ottoman Empire—now Anatolia and its adjacent regions—our magnificent vintage Turkish rugs are defined by their symmetrical, hand-knotted, pile-woven designs featuring natural dyes and elegant, traditional motifs. Turkish artisans of all levels of society from nomadic peoples and tribal settlements to provincial workshops and royal weavers have used ancient techniques passed down from one generation to the next since the 13th century to craft these inspiring pieces from hand-spun sheep’s wool and cotton. more...
Source: Arhaus