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We believe anyone can do anything

If you have an idea to create something or do something, you can realize that idea. If you have a flicker of passion for something, you can absolutely do it. And there are few greater joys than following your inspirations.

We want to show that anyone's idea large or small can become a reality. This is the foundation for a webservice that helps rug and carpet consumers AND rug retailers.

RugsBySize™ evolved from an idea to simplify shopping for rugs and carpets. It started from a need to find an area rug to fit a specific space. Online rug and carpet shopping by size across different rug retailers was just too tedious and frustrating. There had to be a better way to easily find an area rug.


We believe shopping for area rugs can be easier

Simplify your shopping by using RugsBySize to quickly and easily shop area rugs in all styles by length and width, price, brand, and keywords.

We have a huge online inventory of area rugs of all shapes and styles such as Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Turkish Rugs, luxury rugs, modern rugs, cowhide rugs, wool rugs, hand-tufted rugs, hand-knotted rugs, kids rugs, you name it. If it fits and you like it, you're just a click away from the seller's product page.

The site is young, but has over 400,000 area rugs and carpets, and we're rapidly adding more rug products and content.

Rug & Carpet Businesses

We believe you can grow your business

You can sell more rugs by accessing an extremely targeted audience of area rug and carpet shoppers in our laser-focused niche.

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The Vision

To show anyone they can do anything, so that everyone feels the joy of their inspiration.

The Mission

To drive sales to our partners by providing a super-useful webservice for area rug and carpet shoppers.


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