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One of a Kind 10'9" x 15'7" Vintage Persian Rug

One of a Kind 10'9in x 15'7in Vintage Persian Rug
Width 10.8 ft. Length 15.6 ft.

This area rug from Arhaus has rug dimensions with width: 10.8 feet and length: 15.6 feet. It's item number, or sku is: 79100PR30.

Woven by royal artisans and nomadic tribes alike, Persian carpets and rugs of various types represent the varied traditions and histories of Persia and its peoples. Patterns and designs have set artistic traditions in royal courts and were kept alive in the Persian Empire until the fall of the last Persian royal dynasty. Carpets woven in towns and regional centers are characterized by their specific weaving techniques and their use of high-quality materials, colors, and patterns; while rugs woven by villagers and by various nomadic tribes—distinguished by fine wool, bolder colors, and elaborate patterns—are considered the most authentic and traditional. These unique handwoven rugs and carpets have been regarded as objects of high artistic value and prestige since they were first mentioned by ancient Greek writers. more...
Source: Arhaus